University at Buffalo Accounting Association

The UB Accounting Association is an organization that opens an entire realm of experiences to students.  Your opportunities as a student are only limited by your imagination and self-drive.  Your networking skills, communication skills, as well as teamwork are strongly promoted in the UBAA.  These skills are essential in today's business environment.  UBAA is an organization that is known by the business community, both locally and nationwide, as a top-notch student organization.

Presidential Election

We had such a close race on Monday for the Presidency that we are posting the two candidates speeches and re-polling the voting! If you voted live, please revote on the link below. We hope that you can take the time out of your day to watch both of them and make a well informed decision! Voting will close on Friday at 5pm. 

Voting Here:

Adam Wyckoff

Adam Wyckoff

Niko Rebecchi

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