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The UB Accounting Association (UBAA) opens an entire realm of experiences to students. Your opportunities are only limited by your imagination and self-drive.

We host activities and events that develop networking, communication, and teamwork skills, and provide insight into career paths available in the accounting field.  Through mentorship opportunities, technical presentations and community and social events, members gain the chance to improve those skills in enjoyable and creative ways.

UBAA is affiliated with the Institute of Internal Auditors, which helps broaden student knowledge and provide members with personal and professional development opportunities through education, association with area business professionals, and professional certification in internal auditing.

Simply put, we are a club by the students, for the students.  We are a community of students eager to help each other succeed and grow personally and professionally as we move through the accounting program. 


We offer a peer to peer mentor program and the opportunity to be paired with an industry professional on the Accounting Advisory Council.


Every spring, we participate in the IRS Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program (VITA), assisting low income community members in completing their tax returns.


We offer several social events every semester to foster connections between peers. Past socials have included the Ampadu Bowl, kickball, bowling, and a scavenger hunt around campus.


We are the only club partnered with the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) and hold several opportunities for students to network, including Meet the Professionals.


We invite professionals at the firms you're interested in to campus to talk about the industry and answer any questions you have.

Our Goal

Provide members with a safe, supportive, and inclusive environment where each member has equal opportunities to grow and develop the soft skills vital to career success.


It's free.

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