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Active Members List

We would like to take the opportunity to thank every member who has actively participated in our events, we appreciate the time, effort, and dedication you have shown to UBAA, as well as the investment you are making in yourself.

The E-Board is proud to recognize the following members for Spring of 2023:

Ameya Balki
Ryan Baner
Ned Becerra
Margaret Blenker
Josh Blum
Jennifer Chen
Jonathan Choi
Sarah DeCroce
Diana Dolan
Iven Dong
Christian Egger

Ayana Fields
Adam Fox
Shawn Frans


Justin Froese
Giana Hallios
Morgan Hickman
Monet Hunter

Jay Huang
Chris Kerr
Trey Kubitz
Jason Lee
Jonathan Leong
Vivi Lyrintzis
Salvatore Mangano
Kerry Mavroukas
Matthew McCulloch
Loren McMichael


ChrisAnne Mosier
Herah Musa

Lauren Pollock
Josh Robinson
Mohammed Ryan
Trevor Samplinski
Meah Smith
Morgan Stockmeyer
Carly Terranova
Ivanna Tyrkot
Su Wine
James Yun
Jonathan Zhen
Candy Zou

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